By entering into this Agreement, you acknowledge that your subscription has an initial and recurring payment feature and you accept responsibility for all recurring charges prior to cancellation. If you wish to discontinue your subscription or change your payment method, you must email before the next billing cycle begins. Please indicate Cancellation or Change of payment method in the email subject line.
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Pricing & Subscriptions

Adopt eNovativePiano for your course or studio and choose the subscription plan below that is best for you. Subscribe.

1) Student Pricing (Nonrecurring Billing): This pricing is designed specially for college students.

  • $20.00 / user / quarter (85 Days) 
  • $30.00 / user / semester (120 Days) 

2) Student Pricing (Recurring Billing):

  • $10.00 / 1 month (30 Days)            
  • $50.00 / 6 months (180 Days)      
  • $90.00 / 1 year  

3) Teachers (Recurring Billing):

  • $10.00 / 1 month (30 Days)            
  • $50.00 / 6 months (180 Days)      
  • $90.00 / 1 year 

Independent/Studio Teacher: Subscribe as an individual user and share the site during your student's lesson time. If you wish to make at-home assignments from eNovativePiano, your students should subscribe using either the "individual" or the "student" pricing.  Receive a complimentary subscription if 10 or more of your students subscribe to eNovativePiano. For more information contact us at

College/School Teachers: Receive a complimentary subscription when you adopt eNovativePiano as a course requirement. For more information contact us at

4) Institutional/Studio Licenses  (Print PDF)

An Institutional/Studio License provides special reduced pricing for a school, studio, or private academy that purchases bulk subscriptions for their students. To request a price quote contact us at

a) Full Access License (minimum of 15 users)

  • $15.00 / user / quarter (85 Days)
  • $22.50 / user / semester (120 Days)
  • $50.00 / user / school year (August - June)

This license allows each student to create a personal login with full 24/7 access to the eNovativePiano website. Your institution will receive a License ID. Your students will use this ID when registering on the website to bypass payment and create their own username/password. Student passwords will be deactivated at the end of the licensing period.

b) Computer/Keyboard Station License

  • $15.00 / device / quarter (85 Days)
  • $22.50 / device / semester (120 Days)
  • $50.00 / device / school year (August - June)

This license provides full access to eNovativePiano from the licensed device. Students do not have personal logins, but can have full access to the eNovativePiano curriculum during class/lesson time only. With this license, teachers receive privileges to print unlimited materials for class use.

c) Print License

print license pricing

With this license, teachers receive privileges to print unlimited materials for class use and can use the entire site during class or lesson time. Personal "Full-Access" logins allow students and/or teachers 24/7 access to eNovativePiano.

    eNovativePiano performs best in the Google Chrome browser. Click for free download.