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Harmonization: Oh Mary, Don't You Weep

Print Worksheet 1 (rhythm) | Print Worksheet 2 | Oh Mary, Don't You Weep.

In this activity, you will try to "hear" when the tonic (i), subdominant (iv), and dominant (V) chords are used in the audio recording. You will then create a harmonization based on what you heard. Listen to artists who have recorded this tune.


  1. Listen to the MP3 "Real." Try to "hear" where the chords change from i to the iv or V.
  2. Using "Worksheet 1," mark the chord changes at the beginning of the measure where the changes occur.
  3. Using the MP3 "Melody," check your work by playing along using the chords that you have chosen. Listen to see if your choices "agree" with the melody.
  4. Using "Worksheet 2," write in your harmonization. Use one of the recommended voicings of the chords shown below.
  5. Play hands together as written.
Oh mary don't you weep score

Suggested Chord Voicings:

Voicing 1                                 Voicing 2

voicings for oh mary don't you weep

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