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The more you teach, the more you learn about your teaching...

 As teachers, we continually search and sometimes, even struggle, to answer the "How"s, "Why"s, and "What if"s. In spite of 50 years of collective teaching experience, we were still dissatisfied with the level of our students' accomplishment in group piano. For one, they did not have a high degree of physical comfort-they lacked true coordination and were tense in their wrists and hands. In addition, they simply did not retain and transfer the information they were taught. They appeared to lack motivation and never seemed to practice enough. "Something was wrong and we had to fix it!"

So, we reevaluated, reconsidered, redesigned, and were rejuvenated! 

This critical turning point led us on a journey in which we tried to better understand our students' needs and even reassessed our own teaching styles. This journey was revealing and rewarding to us as teachers. In fact, it was life-altering.

The result was a complete overhaul of our approach. We began to create new teaching materials that reflected our students' preference for visual and audio formats and exploited their comfort with the internet. We adopted a pacing and sequence that was more realistic and included more reinforcement. We took advantage of videos to give a special focus toward acquiring physical skills at the piano. We integrated all our materials to create a holistic curriculum-one in which students could apply the same content in a variety of related activities. In short, we connected the dots...

eNovativePiano is the evolution and essence of this transformation. Online and available to students 24/7, this multimedia library is making a difference. Our students are more engaged and independent in their learning and have demonstrated increased agility at the piano. As music educators, we are encouraged. With eNovativePiano, we look forward to our continued path in developing, redefining, and reaching out in the music making world.

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