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eNovativePiano Workbook Tutorials          PRINT the reference manual: Your eNovativePiano Workbook.

The Workbook is eNovativePiano’s learning management system. This unique feature allows teachers to create a fully customized course curriculum, manage assignments, and communicate assignment information to enrolled users.

1. eNovativePiano Workbook Overview

Get an overview of Workbook features and functionality.

2. Creating a Workbook

Learn how to quickly create a class or student Workbook.

3. Customizing Your eNovativePiano Curriculum

Learn how you can easily customize a curriculum for your students.

4. Creating a Workbook Assignment from an eNovativePiano Lesson

Learn how to assign an eNovativePiano lesson to your Workbook.

6. Creating a “General Assignment” in Your Workbook

Learn how to add an announcement or a reminder to your Workbook.

7. Adding an Instructional Video to a Lesson Playlist

Learn how to add any eNovativePiano instructional video to any lesson playlist. 

8. Editing Assignments in Your eNovativePiano Workbook

Learn how to edit and organize the assignments in your Workbook.

 9. Customizing Your Assignments with Personal Resources

 Learn how to add personal resources, such as a worksheet or a video, to a Workbook assignment. 

10. Uploading Personal Resources to Your Workbook

Do you have personal resources such as documents, images, or links that you want to have at your fingertips? Learn how to add personal resources to your Workbook.

11. Adding Students to Your Workbook Roster Using a Join Code

Learn how to add students to your Workbook roster using a join code.

12. Duplicating and Reusing Your Workbook

Learn how to duplicate or reuse your Workbooks for multiple classes or for a new semester of teaching.

13. Sharing an eNovativePiano Workbook with Another Teacher

Learn how to share your Workbook with another eNovativePiano instructor.

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