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K - 12 Teachers

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eNovativePiano is perfect for K-12 piano lab teachers who:

  • need a piano curriculum and engaging materials appropriate for students from 1st grade through high school;
  • teach multiple levels in one class;
  • teach keyboard lab piano but whose primary teaching area is not piano;
  • want to utilize great multimedia resources for teaching piano.

Correlation with Teaching Standards: eNovativePiano was designed with Bloom's Taxonomy in mind and can be correlated with NCCAS standards. Learn more

Classroom requirements: To effectively use our multimedia materials your classroom will need internet access and at least one computer with a projection system. Of course, it would be advantageous for each keyboard station to have a computer, laptop, or tablet, so that all the materials could be accessed during class time by each student, allowing for more independent work, but it is not a requirement.

Support Tools: Your teacher subscription gives you access to a variety of downloadable tools to support your teaching.

  • Lesson Planning and Curriculum Materials
  • Testing and Supplemental Materials for Sight Reading
  • Rubrics
  • Piano Student Assessment
  • 'How-To' Tips for Teaching with eNovativePiano

Licensing Options: Learn about our licensing optionsthen contact us for a price quote for your program.  

eNovativePiano provides a one-stop site for providing all your students with appropriate materials for their level.

    eNovativePiano performs best in the Google Chrome browser. Click for free download.