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eNovativePiano is dedicated to developing musicians with lasting professional keyboard skills.

Physical Comfort

Drawing from the tradition of teacher modeling, eNovativePiano centers on the acquisition of physical comfort which is crucial in developing technical fluency, artistry, and in ensuring a lasting learning experience. Thus, visual modeling is provided through instructional videos and other visually-oriented materials that benefit students in all learning settings.

Aural Awareness

One of our core beliefs is that increasing aural awareness will create students not only with better keyboard skills, but ones with a higher level of musicianship. eNovativePiano has developed an approach that allows for greater aural engagement by encouraging students to continually make decisions based on aural input. The relationship between image, sound and physical technique is constantly reinforced in the design of our materials.

Core Elements - Application Pairing

The eNovativePiano curriculum is built on the pairing of core elements and applications. Each core element (rhythm, reading, listening, etc.) is immediately followed by activities that emphasize its practical application to repertoire, harmonization, improvisation, accompanying and other functional skills. The pacing and sequence are progressive with concepts reinforced through media that appeals to and compliments different learning styles - visual, aural, tactile and intellectual. Users can view videos and slideshows, listen to audio files, download print materials and follow weblinks. Our materials are interconnected, ensuring effective transference of knowledge. The online accessibility allows repeated viewings as students review concepts and master physical movements at their own pace and in their own time.

Designed for Today's Learners 

To truly resonate with millennial students, eNovativePiano embraces a broad range of musical styles to include classical, blues, jazz, folk, popular and world music traditions. Assignments, repertoire, ensemble music and audio accompaniments serve to broaden students' musical understanding and to prepare them for varied professional musical experiences.

eNovativePiano's integrated multimedia materials are attractive, engaging and form a holistic curriculum. They are also an excellent supplement to an existing curriculum. It is the goal of eNovativePiano to reach all learners with materials that will assist them in developing lasting keyboard musicianship. 

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