Score Reading

Score Reading

This score reading is an arrangement of Robert Schumann's Soldier's March from Album for the Young, Op. 68 for solo piano. It has been modified for pedagogical purposes. Determine the most pianistic and comfortable fingerings for each hand to accommodate large intervals and stretches.

Practice the score in the following ways:

Each single line
All Combinations of two parts / two hands.
Combinations of two parts / one hand as follows:  1) Fl 1, Fl 2 (RH)
2) Bsn, Vc (LH)
Combinations of three parts / two hands as follows: 1) Fl 1, Fl2 (RH) + Bsn (LH)
2) Fl 1, Fl2 (RH) + Vc (LH)
3) Fl 1 (RH) + Bsn, Vc (LH)
4) Fl 2 (RH) + Bsn, Vc (LH)
Four Parts Fl 1, Fl 2 (RH) + Bsn, Vc (LH)


Soldier's March (mm. 1-8)

Score Reading Schumann Soldier's March

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