Lead Sheet

Lead Sheet

St. James Infirmary Blues, based on an 18th century traditional English folk song, has become a New Orleans standard. This tune is notated as a lead sheet using  'slash' notation. Slash notation designates the inversion that must be played, by indicating the bass note after the slash. Thus, A/C# indicates the chord of A major with a C# in the bass. This is the same as saying A 6/3 or A 1st inversion. (See suggested voicings below.) Slash notation is most frequently found in popular music lead sheets. 

Play this melody with the right hand and realize the designated chords with the left hand. Use one of the chord voicings provided below, or create your own. Print the worksheet so that you can write out your arrangement.  

St. James Infirmary Blues score

Suggested Voicings:

Voicing 1 - Blocked Chords

St. James infirmary voicing 1


Voicing 2 - "Oom-Pah"

St. James Infirmary blues voicing 2

Voicing 3: Two-Handed Accompaniment (Use Worksheet 2)

St. James Infirmary Voicing 3