Pop Tune Arranging

Pop Tune Arranging

It is amazing to realize the quantity and variety of music that has been composed using only the three primary chords. For this assignment, you will use I - IV - V triads as the basis for creating your own arrangement of a popular tune from this playlist.

Primary Chords in C Major

primary triads

Song List 

  • The Contours: Do You Love Me? (Key of F)
  • Los Lobos/Valens: La Bamba (Key of C)
  • The Tokens: The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Key of F)
  • Woody Guthrie: This Land is Your Land (Key of Eb)
  • The Beatles: Twist and Shout (Key of D)
  • Isley Brothers: Twist and Shout (Key of F)
  • The Troggs: Wild Thing (Key of A)

Your Assignment!

Choose a song from the Song List and print the worksheet.

  • Get familiar with the song's basic elements:
    • Identify the key/tonality of the song.
    • Practice playing the notes of the scale indicated in the worksheet.
    • Practice the primary chords in this key.
  • Create Your Arrangement:
    • Listen to/sing the melody. Pick out the melody on the piano and practice it until you can play it comfortably. The first few notes and a starting fingering are shown in the worksheet. (It is not necessary to play the melody exactly as you hear it in the recording).
    • Create an accompaniment using one of the suggested patterns.
  • Practice and perform your arrangement.

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