Score Reading

Score Reading

hornpipe is an English dance in triple meter. This familiar hornpipe was written by Handel as a movement from a collection of pieces known as Water Music.

When score reading multiple parts, it is not always possible a part entirely within the same hand. In m.6, the cello part has one note that is out of reach and will need to be played with the left hand, as indicated in the score.

Practice the score in the following ways:

Each single line, transposing the Bb Trumpet and F Horn to concert pitch.
All Combinations of two parts / two hands.
Combinations of two parts / one hand as follows: 1) Tpt, Hn (RH)
2) Hn, Vc (RH or LH)
3) Tpt, Vc (RH/split)
Combinations of three parts as follows:  1) Tpt, Hn (RH) + Vc (LH)
2) Tpt, Hn (RH) + Cb (LH)
3) Tpt, Hn (RH) + Vc (RH/split)
Four parts:  Tpt, Hn (RH) + Vc (RH/split) + Cb (LH)


Alla Hornpipe (mm. 1-11)

Sample of music score of Hornpipe

Printable Sheet Music Available with Subscription.