Collaborative Piano

Collaborative Piano

A la Nanita Nana (Let Us Sing a Lullaby) is a Spanish Christmas carol sung as a lullaby to the Child Jesus. Composed by José Ramón Gomis in 1904, the original title was La nana, balada al Niño Jesús (The Lullaby, Ballad to Baby Jesus). It is also widely sung throughout the Spanish speaking world as a children's lullaby with the words of the second line changed to "Mi niña/niño tiene sueño." (My child is sleepy.)

Come, let’s sing a little lullaby, Come, let’s sing a little,
My Jesus is sleepy. Blessed be, blessed be.
Little spring that runs clear & sonorous,
Nightingale that in the forest, weeps as it sings.
Hush, while the cradle rocks to and fro.
Come, let’s sing a little lullaby.

A la nanita, nana, nanita, ea, nanita ea,
mi Jesús tiene sueño, ¡bendito sea! ¡bendito sea!
Fuentecilla que corre clara y sonora,
Ruiseñor que en la selva cantando llora.
Callen mientras la cuna se balancea.
A la nanita, nana, nanita, ea.


This piece requires hand independence, employs multiple styles of accompanying, and requires careful pedaling. Note the mode change from minor to major starting in mm. 15.  

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