Caribbean Tune uses mainly primary chords. However, listen for the distinctive flavor of the V7/ii - ii harmony.

Instructions: This song uses both primary and secondary chords, and a secondary (applied) dominant: V7/ii.

  1. Listen to the audio file called "Real."
    • Be sure to locate the following: V7/ii - ii.
  2. Using the Rhythm Worksheet, mark the chord changes at the beginning of the measure where the changes occur.
  3. Using the audio file called "Melody," check your work by playing along using the chords that you have chosen. Listen to see if your choices "agree" with the melody.
  4. Choose a voicing style from the list below and using "Worksheet 2," write in your harmonization.
  5. Play hands together.

caribbean tune rhythm

Suggested Voicings

suggested voicings