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Question & Answer Duets

Duet 3 - 16-Bar Blues (Eb pentatonic scale, 4/4 time)

pentatonic blues scale
  • Each pair will create two-choruses of 16-bar blues using the audio play-along "16-Bar Blues" found in the media area below. There is a two-bar count-in. There is a two-bar count-in. Listen to the play-along track several times before starting to be sure that you 'feel' the progression.
  • There are two choruses of the 16-bar blues:

            I - I - I - I
            IV - IV - I - I
            V - IV - V - IV
            V - IV - I - I

  •  Each player improvises 4 bars, then trades.
  • VARIATION: The rhythm of the "answer" must match the rhythm of the "question" exactly.

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