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Boogie Woogie Blues (12-Bar Blues)

The 12-Bar Blues is the basis for the boogie-woogie pop songs found in this enovation. For this assignment, you will use this progression as the basis for creating your own arrangement of a popular tune from this playlist. Select to see More Student Performances

12-Bar Blues Progression

12-bar blues progression

Song Listplaylist

  • Chuck Berry: Johnny B. Goode (Print Worksheet)
  • Chuck Berry: Roll Over Beethoven (Print Worksheet)
  • Elvis Presley: Hound Dog (Print Worksheet)
  • Elvis Presley: Jailhouse Rock (Print Worksheet)
  • Little Richard: Long Tall Sally (Print Worksheet)
  • James Brown: I Got You (IFeel Good) (Print Worksheet)
  • Loggins and Messina: Your Mama Don't Dance (Print Worksheet)
  • The Clash: Should I Stay or Should I Go (Print Worksheet)

Your Assignment!                                                                                        
  • Choose a song from the song list above and print the worksheet.
  • Get familiar with the song's basic elements:
    • Identify the key/tonality of the song.
    • Practice playing the notes of the scale indicated in the worksheet.
    • Identify the 12-bar blues progression that is being used. Write the chord symbols over each measure in the worksheet.
  • Create Your Arrangement:
    • Listen to/sing the melody. Pick out the melody on the piano and practice it until you can play it comfortably. The first few notes and a starting fingering are shown in the worksheet. (It is not necessary to play the melody exactly as you hear it in the recording).
    • Create an accompaniment using one of the suggested boogie-woogie patterns.
    • Use the worksheet to create a map of the piece. (see practice tips)
  • Practice and perform your arrangement!

Left Hand Boogie-Woogie Patterns

boobie woogie keyboard patterns

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